The strange world of Trond Andresen – one of the NTNU initiators of the Boycott Israel campaign

screenshot of Trond Andresen's racist rant on university web site

By now, very many people in Norway have been made aware of the academic boycott of anyone who remotely could be espousing a pro-Israel point of view.

But not so many are aware that Dershowitz singled out one particular man for chiding: Trond Andresen, one of the NTNU initiators of the call for academic boycott of Israel. brought a very interesting review of Dershowitz’s lecture in Trondheim, and one talkback provided a most revealing link to a debate forum, where Andresen made the following entry on December 30, 2008 (unauthorized translation of the whole entry)

Help Jews to develop empathy to others than their own kin

I have been on Facebook for a while. The enterprise has many ludicrous aspects, for instance the never-ending self-exposure and desperate “show-that- you-have-friends” drive is an inherent feature. At the same time, Facebook has the very convenient feature that it is easy to attract people for a common cause. For the first time I thought I would start such a facebook group, and opened the page where you enter data about the group you wish to form. The two first boxes where thus filled out:

Group name: Help Jews to develop empathy with others than their own kin.


In relation to the gruesome attack on Gaza at the end of a year, once more we a demonstration: there is something of an incredible sense of self-satisfaction and egocentric with the “tribe-mentality” which is so common among Jews, not only those in Israel, but all over the world, also in Norway. Not only the religious, but also a  great number of secular, modern Jews regard their own ethnic group as more superior as other ethnic groups. Yes, they even think that they are the “selected people” This lack of empathy with other groups, in particular the Palestinians, makes the mainly well-educated and thriving Jews in all Western countries close to immune against the suffering 60 years permanent hardship and humiliation the Israeli regime confers on the Palestinians. It is therefore not enough to show the cruelties the Israel is committing. Now, all Jews must be made aware that a vast majority in their own ethnic group suffer from a very serious lack of empathy, and that they must work inward in their own group and with Israel to resolve this problem


But then I noticed this at the foot of the page:

> Note: groups that attack a specific person or group of people (e.g. racist, sexist, or other > hate groups) will not be tolerated. Creating such a group will result in the immediate >termination of your Facebook account.

Obviously, I do not think that my group proposal is racist in any way, but that I am realistically pointing out a real and ongoing mentality problem, which is so prevalen in an ethnic group that this – in a definite manner – hinders progress in the Middle East and only prolongs the suffering and the oppression. That there are some Jews who are not included in my criticism does not change the fact that this ethnic group as a whole is characterized by this mentality, although to a varying degree. It is no less legitimate and correct to say such things in 2008/2009, than it was to make the same reflections on Germans/Austrians just around 1938.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that such a facebook group would after a short while have caused loud protests of  “anti-Semitism”. And probably with generous support from the media, which would also include a red carpet for the Mosaic Congregation (which in these days behave as an embassy for the State of Israel – isn’t this supposed to be an independent religious congregation?), and a new round of squeezing the increasingly dry Holocaust-lemon in order to sidetrack the debate.

And then, undoubtedly the Facebook admins – who I do not think belong to the most Israel critical groups but rather jumps as soon as somebody says jump, by words such as “Holocaust” or  “antisemitims” – and delete the groups and immediately throw me out.

So for now, I contend with presenting these thoughts here.

Trond Andresen

For those reeling after reading this and wondering if this is a very bad joke, see top of page for a screenshot of this repugnant nonsense.

Journalist and editor of the Christian paper Bjarte Ystebø  reported Andresen to the police for this racism back in January 2010, but we have no news how this investigation is progressing.

Andresen did not appear to be too bothered by the prospect of being probed for a serious crime, his actual words were

– I think the whole matter is ridiculous. What I am doing is merely to engage in anthropological reflections on a group of people who consider themselves an ethnic group. If contrary to expectations this should end up in court, I look forward to it with great interest, and it would create a very interesting debate.

How this man is allowed to even step onto the ground of the NTNU campus is a great mystery, and reflects once again on the very base morals of the rector and the rest of the university administration.

Who gave them permission to trash the University?

Prof M. McGonagall