More stupid talk from SV

Oh, now it has just gone from bad to horrible to a real stinker. After Solhjells pathetic attempt to claim that bomb Israel proposal was in fact only a horrible misunderstanding, SV leader decided to enter the fray to clarify what SVs position really is

Now that they have shed their cloak of hypocrisy, it is just as well that leader Kristin Halvorsen stops any attempt to spin a cloak of pseudo-decensy around the party.

In an article featuring strong criticism of the SV plot to buy support for bombing Libya by demanding international community also bomb Israel, SV’s blond bombshell Halvorsen responds to critics:

Complete nonsense, says Halvorsen about claims that the Gaza reference was included to sweeten the pill for SV sceptics.

She thinks Israels actions are closely related  with the democratization process in the ME.

The challenge  is to ensure that as depots fall, Islamists do not take their place. If it is one thing that gets the Islamists in the ME going, it’s Israel, she says.

So, according to this wobbly reasoning, it is no point having such a thing as a plan to help democratization on its way, for instance by educating the overwhelmingly young population of the countries that are now going up in flames,

Rampant child mortality, illiteracy, hunger, ethnic cleansing, lack of rights, corruption, weak institutions, nepotism  will sort itself out, miraculously, by bombing Israel for defending herself. Then, the Islamists will turn into nice friendly neighborhood nannies and everybody will live happily ever after?

But the madness does not stop there, she actually claims that Israel is occupying the Strip.

Hm, I could have sworn that Israel just a couple of years ago, pulled out, nay, dragged its own citizens kicking and screaming out of Gaza, withdrew army presence on the strip only to be thanked with rockets and more terror.

Last time I checked, Israel is conducting a 100% legal blockade to prevent more deadly weapons to enter the strip, perform legal raids in order to take out terrorists who fire rockets on Israeli civilian population.

Mrs Halvorsen, nobody can be that intellectually challenged, but just in case, here is a new learning device that might come in handy for you:

educational toys for Minister Halvorsen

Prof. M. McGonagall