The closed eco-system of the BDS movement

- What's that tube from his crotch for, Olaf?

Creating a closed eco-system is the holy grail of space exploration. Nothing goes out, nothing goes in, everything remains in a perpetual loop. Astronaut urine recycled into drinking water is, by virtue of the mere mention of a bodily fluid, perhaps the most famous.

The BDS movement works in a similar way. March 30th was  “National boycott day”, the target of the boycott goes without saying. Norwegian NGO Palestinakomiteen (“The Committee for Palestine”) mentions this briefly on their website. For more information, Palestinakomiteen recommends the happy web surfer go to the site There is not much information here either, just a suggestion to go … back to Palestinakomiteens site again.

Despite their name, “closed eco-systems” are dependent on receiving energy from the outside. Sunlight, in the case of Planet Earth, or some wizardry based on batteries or the like in space.

The BDS movement gets its energy from hate.