Dagbladet has a weird way of presenting news

It must be very hard for Dagbladet to report on terror attacks from Gaza on Israeli civilian population.

As Avital Leibovich pointed out in her SKUP conference last week, Norway stands out for its lopsided way of covering the ME conflict, charging that the Norwegian press corps is very selective of its sources, and as a rule omits the relevant contextual explanations from Israel.

So, here is how Dagbladet covers the Kibbutz Sa’ad attack:

Israel attacks Gaza after rocket attack

At least 3 Palestinians were killed and many injured when Israeli forces launched a hard attack on several targets on the Gaza Strip

The article is also very tilted against Israel, since it covers in every minute detail all the military targets and casualties on the Palestinian side, while basically only introducing the attack on the school bus much further down in the article:

Bus attacked

The attacks took place after an Israeli bus had been hit by a Palestinian rocket outside the kibbutz Nahal Oz in Southern Israel. According to Reuters, allegedly the bus was a school bus. A teen age boy was seriously injured in the attack, while several sustained light injuries.

Only at the bottom of the page does the article mention the barrage of rockets launched against civilian targets in Israel, including rocket attacks on Ashkelon, but makes a much greater song and dance about Israel’s use of combat helicopters, saying it was the first time since 2009, these were used.

Well, maybe they were used because they allow for very precise targeting of military goals, trying, in a most difficult situation, to protect civilians on the Gaza side.

A luxury or concern not afforded the over 120 000 strong civilian population subjected to Hamas terror rockets.

Would it not be a better way to present the reality of facts first, that an Israeli school bus was attacked with an anti-tank missile, and that ,afterwards the region sustained a barrage of rockets for over 3 hours?

And even after this, Norwegian journalists have a hard time understanding, much less agreeing to IDF charge that they are the worst in the world?

This is a text book example of bias!

Prof. M. McGonagall