Blood thirsty Gaza terrorists shower Sha’ar HaNegev with rockets – Norwegian press serve nonsense stories.

J’post reports that today – Friday April 8, 2011- a kibbutz building has been damaged by rockets and that at least 22 rockets have been shot from Gaza terrorists, aiming at civilian population in Southern Israel.

None of this has been reported in mainstream media.

But the Christian daily Vårt Land has an interesting way of reporting:

Hamas-activists killed in Israeli attack on Gaza

All in all 7 killed in few days.

Two Hamas-activits have been killed in a new Israeli air attack on the Gaza trip, according to Hamas and hospital source.

The attack took place on Friday morning, east of the town Khan Younis. Both the killed persons were members of Hamas’ militant faction Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, according to the group.

Hence, all in all 7 Palestinians have been killed in 10 Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip, after militant Palestinians fired a rocket at a school bus in Southern Israel. One Israeli teenage boy was seriously wounded, while several others sustained light injuries.

To be fair, the byline is NTB, but that does not excuse the newspaper for not having checked the facts properly, perhaps by getting in touch with the IDF.

Here there is no mention of the rocket barrages on Southern Israel the last few weeks. Palestinian terrorists, probably egged on by Iran, Hizballah, who wish to exploit the current ME unrest for their own interest, have rained terror on a daily basis on the civilian population in Israel.

This, Vårt Land is as dishonest as it is biased. In case you don’t have the contact details to the IDF spokesperson Avital Leibovich, you can contact here

Please, for future reference, be professional, this reeks of poor ethics, inability to verify facts.

Prof. M. McGonagall