School bus recap

Seen from the inside. The targeted Israeli school bus. More pictures not seen in Norwegian media:

What the Norwegian media has told us, and what it couldn’t be bothered to mention.

Information in Norwegian about how Hamas targeted an Israeli school buss with an anti-tank missile yesterday has been almost exclusively channelled through one piece by the Norwegian wire service NTB. This site has analyzed that short piece (maybe a little obsessively?)  here and here.  The piece by NTB was published on the websites of VG, Dabladet and (in a slightly longer version) by public broadcaster NRK, while the school bus bombing has been entirely ignored by broadsheet Aftenposten.

Twenty four hours after the incident, the subject has already been dropped from the front pages of the websites of the tabloids VG and Dagbladet.

Recent revelations that the missile used was laser guided, and of the same Russian make (“Kornet“) as ones used by Hezbollah in the 2006 war have not been mentioned. Neither have these intriguing details: Al Qassam Brigades have taken responsibility for the attack, and the nature of the weapon reveals that the target was clearly an intentional one.

Norwegians have been conditioned for years to see Hamas rockets as flying junk fired with no precision and only the foggiest of intentions. An entirely normal reaction  for Norwegians in the safety of their far-away land  to the school bus incident, would be to think the bus was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

When Israel attacks combatants in  Gaza, the Norwegian public is left completely perplexed and bewildered.


Update: Gloating press release from Al Qassam, translated from Arabic, here.