Black students say keep apartheid out of it

J’post has this little gem today

Apparently black students from several universities have had enough of the misappropriation of the term ‘apartheid’ that Students for Justice in Palestine have stolen from Black Americans.

In a series of ads that will feature in US college paper leaders of black students organizations state it clearly

“decency, justice and hope compel us to demand immediate cessation to deliberate misappropriation of words.”

There you have it, from the people who have known the true meaning of Apartheid, it is insulting and that

“playing the ‘apartheid card’ is a calculated attempt to conjure up images associated with the racist South African regimes of the 20th century,” and calls the strategy “as transparent as it is base.”

Now since this is unlikely to get any press from anybody in Norway, maybe, just maybe, any of the politically correct elite who occasionally drop in to read up on what goes on, will stop to think that not only are they doing the Palestinians no favors, but in addition they are treading roughshod over the feelings of those who have felt the brunt of true apartheid. Maybe they will now feel compelled to tread a little more carefully and not insult the memory of men like Steve Biko.

These days South Africa seems to be in urgent need of attention from wannabe do gooders, rampant corruption and de facto apartheid makes the dream of true equality seem for ever beyond the grasp of the millions who continue to live in misery, simply because they have the wrong shade or dark color?

It would behoove the politically correct but otherwise confused elite of Norway to pay attention to this campaign from black students in the USA. While their struggle is far from over, they are not amused that their cry freedom has been ambushed by lazy wannabes.

Prof. M. McGonagall