‘The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize’

Is the Nobel prize committee biased in favor of Jews? A Swedish academic makes a ham-fisted attempt at finding out.

As Alexander Pope pointed out for us, the proper study of mankind is man. There is nothing wrong then, about studying how groups differ from each other. To the very contrary, this is exactly what social scientists are supposed to do. Whether your work is for good or bad all depends on how it is that you go about your business.

It is therefore fair to ask: why is it that this specific group scores highly on such and such a trait?

A Norwegian historian recently pointed out that when Jews are disproportionately well represented among Nobel prize winners, it makes sense to study the academic culture and universities they come from, rather than simply assume it is all due to conspiracy and racism.

Jan C. Biro, Karolingska Insitute, Sweden, disagrees. He has put together the essay “The Jewish bias of the nobel prize“, in which he finds that Jews are disproportionately often awarded the Nobel prize and that this violates Alfred Nobel’s will, which states: “…that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize …

Biro’s article could have been interesting. The man is a PhD so he has the required skills, but sadly he does not put them to use. Instead of something worthwhile Biro churns out this kind of thing:

It is often mentioned (in scientific and popular readings) that the Jewish IQ is higher than the Gentile IQ, i.e. Jewish people are smarter and therefore contribute more to the intellectual activity of a society than non-Jews… The Nobel Assembly has probably already made the policy decision in February when it decides which field of research should be honored. This is a very important decision and may fundamentally decide for or against the J-bias…And it is here that Jewish scientists can and do use of their talent for networking (with other Jews) and their exceptional verbal intelligence.

Material such as the above is the work of an intelligent quack. The following, from the same article, is the work of a fool:

Gentiles often seems to be easy prey. Gentiles, as a majority group, are most likely exposed to competition from other Gentiles and are often poorly prepared for concurrent competition from a smart, minority Jew. Christian life and forgiveness, postponing justice and individual rewards to “the world after this world”, is not the best strategy for Earthly success. The economic naivety of many Gentile scientists and their “sweet” idealism regarding the goodness of “all” people (Humankind!) is especially regrettable in this context.

In isolation, articles like Biro’s cannot do much damage. But throughout history we have seen how quacks and eccentrics gang together to spin powerful conspiracy theories which do nothing but harm to society in general, and very often the Jews especially.

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  1. Marny CA
    January 19, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    How do the Christians who pray to Jesus reconcile his being an orthodox Jew to their anti-Semitism??

  2. : )
    January 20, 2014 at 3:18 am

    Super easy question Marny CA: )

    Jesus is God to most of the Christians now days and therfore do not have any DNA that link him to the Jewish people : ) When the Jews killed Jesus (just forgett to say it was the Romans) they killed God and doomed them self : ) Therfore humanity is not needed to Nazi babaric Jews that when they had killed God turned to the Devil to survive. Sound normal?

    Its called new religious and as usuall there are Jews that jump into this boiling witch crap so they can be forgiven for being born as Jews. Then one need human laws so that no parents transfer their religion to their cildren, Christian is culture so that is ok?? The Jews that get paranoia and get out turn their back to all that is Jewsih as fanatics, as anyone that want to save one’s life do. Its all very simple and logic human nature. And it gives the new religious lots of prove that they are on the right path just look at all the sole poverty that comes out this is true? Massugession with the web and telly increase the feeling of the truth is finally her after 2000 years. Hurray!

    Who can the Jewish we meet this in a way so that people don’t give after, but stand on their own feet as individuals religious or not? To excomunicate people that get mental confused is a really bad idea, it is unhuman to do and just give the new religious more to use in their work. Sadly Jews in general tend to to quicly stamp other as mental insane when its just wonder and doubts. Was Jesus born? Why was he a Jew in the eye of Jews at the time he lived and now? Perhaps do one need to talk more open about how Jesus is regarded in good and bad ways, how could one man get so much attention? Is it something in Judaismen that lead to this situation something one need to discuss? If it is something wrong in Judaismen’s culture? How has it affected and developed the Jewish cultur to have bias?

    Keep the ? up all the time : )

  3. David MN/NV
    January 30, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    @ : ), I can only guess that english is not your native tongue, which would explain all the typos and syntactical errors, but your logic suggests that earth is not your native planet!

    But thanks for playing. And watch your mailbox for a letter from the Nobel committee ; )

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