Only one notion for crossing the ocean

What do you mean, "the medicines are expired"? Go sharpen those knives!

Last year’s “Ship to Gaza” led to the loss of nine human lives. A steep price, one would have thought, for transporting expired medicine. Yet it was considered such a resounding success by it’s organizers, they are now at it again.

Prominent Norwegians are joining the bandwagon, both as potential “crew” members, and as well-wishers. The Norwegian organizers are happy to point out that once more, the flotilla has the backing of IHH. writes: (unauthorized translation)

IHH has an active presence in more than 100 countries, and is mainly concerned with aid.

Well, that’s all right then. Except the IHH is hardly an entirely uncontroversial organisation, as The Danish Institute for International Studies made clear way back in 2007.

Lewis Carroll, of Alice in Wonderland fame, wrote a wonderful epic poem called “The Hunting of the Snark“. One stanza sums up this convoy-business rather well:

This was charming, no doubt; but they shortly found out

That the Captain they trusted so well

Had only one notion for crossing the ocean,

And that was to tingle his bell.

Speaking of the captain, it did seem rather odd at the time that a professional captain would endanger his crew and cargo the way that the “Mavi Marmara” did. An  interview with the captain, however, indicates that the activists on board staged a virtual mutiny to ensure non-cooperation with the Israeli navy.

The site, a watch site which mostly keeps an eye on The Guardian, has a very thorough “first aid kit” about the machinations behind the “Ship to Gaza”-movement. Recommended reading.