Sidsel Wolds reason for declining SKUP conference confrontation with IDF: I don’t want to!

Two weeks ago, the SKUP conference offered the first real debate between IDF and the Norwegian Press Corps. I don’t think we here at this blog have sufficiently stated our deep appreciation for this unusual gesture from any Norwegian media organization.

So just to have said it; I admire any organization that will meet and debate with an opponent on principle. I admire SKUP for having broken the silence and facilitated a loud debate.

I definitely do not admire Sidsel Wold, conspicuously absent from said conference. She was invited, but declined. Her reasons for refusing to meet with the IDF spokes person in that she refuses to meet with an occupying force.

Sources within the SKUP organization says she claimed she did not want to lend legitimacy for the presence of IDF spokesperson Leibovich.

Wold expands on her fascinating line of thought, here a translated excerpt from the interview:

Wold has expressed surprise over SKUP decision to invite a representative for IDF. She would have liked to meet an Israeli politician, journalist or academic, but has little interest debating with a defense spin doctor.

– Why should I have to meet a representative from an occupying military force? she asks

– I have no wish to be dragged through the mud.

One reason to meet a a party of the conflict you cover could be to ensure that you adhere to the journalistic ethical guidelines of truthful, balanced reporting.

Since you are happy to meet Hamas thugs, PA incitors, anybody who can shed  a tear and look miserable on command, your reporting looks suspiciously like indoctrination when consistently and categorically the voice of the IDF is shut out.

Leibovich is not a criminal, the IDF is a legitimate representative for Israel, and significantly, it is the institution in charge with informing what the IDF does. Just like the Norwegian Armed Forces are in charge of representing its institution.

We have previously seen that you are incapable of truthfully reproducing interviews but invent, attribute and twist words to such an extent that your interview objects do not recognize themselves.

By not wanting to meet the IDF spokesperson; by giving up your right and duty to ask critical, difficult questions, you are not being dragged into the mud; you are rolling in the mud.

So much that it is hard to see where your ethical concepts begin or end and where the mud takes over.

Another reason to have the balls to meet the IDF should be out of respect for every tax payer who pays your salary. Like this, you are abusing the trust the Norwegian society has placed in your institution. And making it so much easier to get people behind an increasingly loud call to scrap the license and leave the NRK to live on its own means. Maybe this pigheaded attitude is one of the final nails in the coffin?

You are a fraud, Sidsel Wold, with a disgraceful and embarrassing conduct, and too unsophisticated to even formulate tough questions to an institution you dislike so intensely as the IDF.

But wholesale lies and wild stories from Hamas, PA is apparently OK?

In honesty, I did think it was a bit exaggerated to claim that Norway’s press is the worst kid in class when it comes to covering Israel and the ME conflict.

But after reading your reasons,  I have no choice but to take the IDF claim seriously, as will the rest of the world.

Prof. M. McGonagall