Stupid is as Stupid does

Look at Hamas bragging how they fire rockets from civilian centers. Hm, wonder if this is allowed under the Geneva convention?

What say you, Trettebergstuen, HÃ¥heim, Tajik and Chaudry, would you care to discuss this callous exposure of civil population to acts of war next time you sit down around the hookah with you bosom friends?

Meanwhile, the condition of the school boy that was critically injured in the missile attack in the school bus last Thursday has deteriorated, and is now in a life threatening state.

IHH, the organizer of the flotilla, also appears to be having second thoughts as they now plan to postpone the second flotilla until after elections in Turkey, in order to not spoil the party for Erdogan, who did not profit as much as he had hoped on his antics, and now with Kurds getting all worked up and demanding all sorts of rights, he is probably in for a bit of a rough time.

Assad, Erdogan’s buddy in Syria is not having any luck stomping out the fire, in stead of his oppressed people assuming the customary downtrodden position after having slaughtered over 200 protestors, they have now responded with more fury and is poised to make life very sour for the thugs in Ankara, Damascus.

So maybe this whole flotilla deal will go down the drain, and you sorry lot of MPs will be left with plenty of egg on your face for being all dressed up but with nowhere to go.

Prof. M. McGonagall