Norway has been found out again – this time in Spanish

Oh, dearie me, Norwegian stocks are taking a beating lately. After having surfed the waves, playing the big pretender, it seems the party is over.

After having been lambasted for the Dershowitz fracas, the impossibility that a man like Trond Andresen can teach at a University after publicly displaying his intolerance of others, the Israel Embassy scandal (jump to 10 minutes), plus many more embarrassing tales, we are now in for a bit of stick from Spanish language papers.

Nuevo Mundo Israelita ran this highly critical story on Norway and her pathological obsession with Israel. In an interview with Conrad Myrland of

The article tears lumps off the credibility of Norwegian media, of the Norwegian elite and members of clergy (on a separate tack, a recent survey has found that 1 in 3 Norwegians don’t ┬átrust the clergy of our Church, and are far less likely to come to service in a church which has lost touch with the people), and paints a rather ugly picture of our society, and our only saving grace is that although our forlorn liberal elite bends over backwards to make Norwegians believe that Israel is the boogyman, pro-Israel organizations like Miff enjoy a steady growth year on year.

But it is a real shame that we are getting bad press in Spanish language papers, Nuevo Mundo Israelita is not just some small rag. Edited in Caracas, it is widely read all over South America, and lets not forget about Miami, which by now is mainly Spanish language. Next Norwegian getting in line for Collins avenue deli’s may end up getting a very cold reception.

Prof. M. McGonagall