Daniel Viflic z”l – The town of Hamar pays for flotilla, while Intl. Red Cross says no humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Daniel VIflic z"l

Sadly, Daniel Viflic’s life was cut brutally short. By a heat seeking missile from Gaza.

Before him, the entire Fogel family was murdered, and before them hundreds, thousands have had their lives cut short, leaving families truncated, devastated by their losses.

Another man also had his life prematurely and cruelly cut short. Vittiorio Arrigoni, the activist who was brutally slain by some Hamas wannabes, or jihadist knuckleheads, who could not stand the western influences and thoughts Vittorio shared with the Gazans. It is a terrible shame that he has been killed for his inalienable right to think, speak and write his mind, his convictions. May he too rest in peace, his untimely death saddens me just as much as the very young Daniel, the Vogel family

On the heels of these travesties, the International Red Cross informs us that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, there is food in the supermarkets, medical aid, beach life, shopping centers. But there is a shortage on certain construction materials. Such materials that can be used as explosives. Of the kind that took Daniel away from us, wrapped up in a heat seeking missile aimed at a school bus.

None of these things have been analyzed to any satisfactory degree in Norway, where the municipality of Hamar is paying NOK 10.000 towards funding the Ship to Gaza project.

4 Norwegian MPs plan to travel to Gaza this summer, if at all. Lets hope that the war crimes, the senseless murder of a fellow activist and the fact that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza will convince them that there are better ways to work for peace than illegally busting an arms embargo.

Prof. M. McGonagall