Håkon Gullvåg, how do you live with yourself?

Considering his great concern for liberty, peace and apparently also human rights (such a fashion item these days), would he consider revisiting Damascus this week?

Only in the last 56 hours or so, the lifeblood of more than 120 souls have flooded Syrian streets, and one cannot but to marvel at the lack of political, even humanistic astuteness of such clever manipulators as Gullvåg.

How could he have chosen Damascus, how could he have chosen Beirut, even Amman to feature his art? People there have not and will not for a long while yet, be able to express their thoughts, their ideas, not even their desires for a better future for themselves and their children.

Gunned down, like cattle for slaughter, that is how Arab brethren with a dream of a dignified life have been killed.

And idiots like Gullvåg have kissed the lazy bottoms of those who stole the power, the representation of the Arab street, and danced on the graves of the more than 12 million dead in futile squabbles between Arab dictators with a megalomania issue.

I just wonder how Gullvåg and his friends can enjoy the blood-stenched coffee in fancy neighborhoods of Damascus, while behind the prison gates, thousands upon thousands languish in unlawful jails, facing death squads your ilk prefer to ignore.

But of Israel you hesitate not to make a slaughter, stab her with a knife to shield the murderers in Damascus, in Beirut, In Teheran, in Amman.

How do you live with yourself, Gullvåg, in your golden castle built with a deck of cards? Have you not got a pretty picture to show us of the horrors that take place there? Is this not a terra sancta too? Are these humans not as dear to you as Palestinians? Is the injustice suffered by millions of Syrians of no consequence to you?

How do you live with yourself? Do you drown yourself in champagne at the embassy in Damascus?

Prof M. McGonagall