Tove-Lise Torve

Without a doubt, Tove-Lise Torve is an accomplished woman. She finished high school, has started several college programs in nursing and completed an internet program in municipal economics and organizational psychology. She was elected to this session of the Norwegian Parliament as number three on the Labour Party’s list from Møre og Romsdal (population: 253,000) and currently serves on the Justice Committee.
So it must be reassuring for the tens of thousands of Jewish pediatricians, psychologists, urologists, neurologists (of whom several are laureates of the Nobel, Pollin and John Howland awards), and millions of regular parents to know that they can safely trust in Torve’s superior medical knowledge and moral standing to make parenting decisions for them.
It is now established – because Torve watched a half-hour documentary on NRK – that neonatal male circumcision is a violation of the child, indeed an example of oppression. Never mind the mountains of medical evidence, rabbinic literature, ethical debates in the pediatric assemblies of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia – among others. Torve got the real deal from  Norwegian television.
And the talkbacks make it even clearer: Male circumcision is the same as female genital mutilation, it is violence, and it is only legal anywhere because of American Jews. But hey, don’t forget that Norway is a bastion of rational discourse and religious tolerance. Because Torve makes it clear that she “respects” religious people.