NRK’s fantastic euphemisms for Hamas and Hizballah

NRK is picking up on the fact that Syria is the current hotspot for the Arab tsunami, and has helpfully provided a Q&A page on the country. So far, so good. But the taxpayer-sponsored’s public service includes some interesting interpretations of certain Middle Eastern organizations:

Syria has for decades supported groups and organizations that don’t recognize Israel’s existence and who boycott the peace process, including Hamas and Hizballah.

There’s the unimportant little detail that Syria doesn’t support Israel’s existence.

NRK apparently believes that aiming and shooting thousands of rockets and missiles at Israeli civilian centers, bombing buses, kidnapping, etc., all amount to “boycotting the peace process.”

Much in the same way that Stalin “discouraged political opposition?” Or Kim Jong Il pursues a “conservative economic growth” policy? Or maybe that the American Civil War was “tense at times?”

I suggest we launch a Laila Bakken euphemism contest.