Mind the gap

What a week it has been. Bin Laden has been taken out, and the Norwegian government has had a hard time keeping up support for the Libya campaign, the one that the Socialistic left only could drum up support for, if by the same token Israel could be bombed.

Apparently, it is not only David and Nick have a hard time keeping together a coalition, but whereas Nick has bitten the bullet and now received the electorates thumping for having carried out deeply unpopular policies, Norway itsy-bitsy coalition dimwit Socialistic left party has not even that to show for itself. Dithering back and forth, only to be savagely overrun by big brother Labour party, polls now indicate that if general elections were held today, they would barely eek out enough support to maybe get one MP.

For all of a week now, the world has been moaning of cheering the demise of Bin Laden. For all it is worth, Norwegian pundits have had a go as well, but it is uncertain to what extent that will cut any ice with anybody anywhere.

But while circus Bin Laden is going on, lots of weird stuff is passing under the radar.

For instance: the Socialistic Left party has become increasingly obsessed about what Norwegian fighter planes may be getting up to in Libya, and since they are facing the axe at next election, and they have failed to secure even a small and insignificant political price for their “partnership” with Labour, but given up on flagship policies such as abolition of poverty in Norway, environment, arms industry, equal opportunities. But now that SV has realized that no military campaign does ever run as smoothly in real life as it does on paper, it wants out. In fact, the deputy FM (Fiskaa, SV) took it to such an extreme that Parliamentary opposition parties demanded clarification vz. our NATO allies whom SV would be happy to abandon in a huff.

While Syria continues to go down in flames, with casualities now in the many hundreds, there have been no calls for demonstrations or UN investigations into the extrajudicial killings that have gone on there.

This makes the leader of SVs international committee and former Peoples Aid boss Petter Eide, look awkward, particularly when he got his nickers in a twist over the slaying of Ghadaffis grandson, labeling it Geneva convention violations.

It is clear that there have been words over the Libya campaign – big brother Labour now seems to realize that the Libya affair is indeed the kind of stuff that could break the coalition (and with that, Labours outlook to be able to form a coalition govt), so in stead of publicly calling SVs stunt, FM Støre has hinted that Norways contribution to the Libya campaign might be downscaled, purportedly to ensure that we have enough planes to defend northernNorway during these times. Nevertheless, Norwegian planes continue to bomb Libya to smithereens.

Right now, Israel is not in the media crosshairs. This is not to say that the obsession has gone away. Interestingly Vårt Land brought a story on how Norway is reluctant to support the upcoming Gaza flotilla, with Barth Eide saying that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. This has not been broadly published so we still don’t know whether SV’s Chaudry may be reconsidering his participation. Maybe he could focus his energies on helping Pakistan and the millions who live in abject poverty there in stead?

It even appears that NRK has to some extent decided to tread more carefully on Israel, in spite of the swagger after the public hearing on NRK covering of Israel, even Sidsel Wold has managed to write somewhat critical piece on the conditions in Gaza, without pinning the blame on Israel.

But I think it is sad that the Norwegian elites have let the Gazans so badly down that a story about Asmaa al-Ghoula, a blogging divorced, single mother who refuses to don the veil, is treated as a newsworthy story, while weirdly keeping any reference to extrajudicial killings perpetrated by the Hamas thugs out of the picture.

The next station is The Rest of the World. Alight here for rhyme and reason. Mind the gap – it is widening.