Muslims believe are ‘treated as Jews’, fight for Al-Shabaab

Aftenposten frontpage today: "Norwegian-Somalians let themselves be recruited to terror"

Young Norwegians of Somali descent are increasingly radicalized, sometimes to the extent that they go abroad to fight for Al-Shabaab. In an Aftenposten article a young muslim claims “Muslims are being treated like Jews after WWII – we are attacked”.

The young man, one Omar Benkhriss, is of course partly right. Jews were indeed attacked after WWII. Few people know, but Omar Benkhriss has been reading up on history. Well done so far, Mr.Benkhriss. As for the other part about Muslims being attacked, the statistics tell us – especially when it comes to rape – that it’s the other way around.

Aftenposten’s Saturday feature on radicalization among Somalis in Norway is titled “Holy war” with the explaining subtitle: “Youths in the Norwegian-Somalian milieu are worried over how more young muslims are becoming radicals and support acts of terror”. Summary: Somalis are worried over how their young men are radicalized, some even to the extent that they go to Somalia to fight for Al-Shabaab.

A police spokesman states that the development is going in the wrong direction – the situation for Norwegian-Somalis is getting worse, not better.

One of the young Somalis interviewed in the article is the tattoo-sporting Norwegian-Algerian Omar Benkhriss, who tells of how he partook in the riots of January 8th 2009. Interestingly, these are the riots which launched Aftenposten refers to the riots as the “Gaza-riots” but author Eirik Eiglad tells another tale in his book “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo“.

Omar Benkhriss: "Muslims are being treated like the Jews after WWII. We are being attacked" Note that Omar Benkhriss himself took part in the riots on January 8th 2009, which author Eirik Eiglad describes in his book "The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo"

Omar Benkhriss is quite right about how Jews were attacked after WWII. Benkhriss himself attacked them on September 8th 2009.

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