Thoughts on our constitution day

17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day

Constitution day…. my only real worry is what I am going to wear. My Norwegian traditional costume, or perhaps that new smart dress… Shall I have champagne for breakfast (mustn’t have too much though, feeling sea sick before lunch is definitely not the done thing…), or maybe I should just relish the excitement of kids as they get ready for the school parade, parading their new smart clothes.

Then there is the traditional family lunch, egg nog and smoked salmon, and the yearly ritual of catching up with the more mature family members, one aunt is approaching her 96th, and her jokes and comments get more and more raunchy with each milestone she passes.
Late afternoon will surely be spent curled up in comfy recliner chair, zapping TV stations to see celebrations across the country, then the dogs will want their walkies, before dinner is rolled out at friends house. A typical Norwegian constitution day. My only worries will center around what I will wear and how much (or little) I should eat and drink.

This in striking contrast to Israeli independence day. I don’t need to ¬†worry about suspicious looking bags that may be a bomb, or whether some sick bastard will choose to blow himself and other innocent people to smithereens (OK, admittedly roadside BBQs could be just a much of a threat, what with the draught and everything). Or, will celebrations be marred by demonstrations, people calling for your destruction and death? Or perhaps somebody will try to bust the borders, or try out the latest model of grad rockets on unsuspecting party goers?

Still, Israeli independence day celebrations vastly trumps the Iranian constitution day , or that of the Syrians, or even the Jordanians. I wonder what independence day feels like for the Egyptian twitter and Facebook revolutionaries who now can only look at as more cynical and conservative forces hijack their symbolic victory?

Do the Yemenites have a constitution day at all? What about Somalia? What happened to the new Sudan?

Oh well, guess I better go and get that dress ready. Constitution day is only once a year, and once more I will relish the fact that very few hate our very existence and that nobody plots to remove us from the face of the earth.

Champagne for breakfast anybody?