Aftenposten article: ‘Rich Jews threaten Obama’

Photograph of Aftenposten's paper edition, Saturday

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the Aftenposten article “Rich Jews threaten Obama”, which was published both online and in the paper edition of the newspaper on Saturday.

Above you see a photograph of the paper edition article. The online article changed the title after readers implored the newspaper to do so.

Note that when Norwegian newspapers resort to this kind of traditional anti-Semitic language, it is not for anti-Semitic reasons, but because of ignorance and insensitivity. See, Jews recognize the mechanisms of exclusion because they themselves know what it means to be excluded from society (They were excluded from Norway both in the original constitution of 1814 and again in 1944). Germans recognize the mechanisms of persecution because they have been so avid persecutors themselves. We Norwegians however have no experience of forced exclusion, and since we have no recollection of ever having participated in any persecution (The Norwegian Jews were pointed out, rounded out and transported by their compatriots), we are able to recognize neither of the two mechanisms.

Ah what a beautiful thing it is, to see sweet innocence coupled with arrogance in our very own media corps!

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