Aftenposten emulates (Iranian) PressTV

Norwegian punditry has had some serious indigestion lately. As much as they revere Barack Obama and despise Netanyahu, it takes a lot of work to parse the language of each to make sure that they appear to be of entirely separate minds.

So it’s interesting to compare the following three interpretations of Netanyahu’s speech to the joint session of the U.S. Congress:

In some ways, the PressTV version is actually better than Aftenposten’s. Aftenposten somehow construed Obama’s points as a “proposal,” even though it clearly wasn’t. Similarly, Aftenposten pulled the issue of settlements out of the vapor from the president’s speeches, even though they weren’t brought up.

But where they are similar is in making it seem like Netanyahu’s speech was a single act of defiance against Obama. Anyone who reads the transcript and/or the coverage from the New York Times will see just how absurd this is.

Now, it would be absurd to speculate that Aftenposten took its cue from PressTV, but it is still interesting to see how closely aligned their points of view are, and how they fill in factual gaps with the same type of imaginary crap.

In fact, it’s a little bit spooky.