Gaza-Chaudry calls Progress Party racist – calls Muslims “Jews”

Chaudhry has the audacity to mention the krystallnacht

As our unelected Parliamentary Vice president Akhtar Chaudry  (Socialist Left) prepares his bags to travel to the opening of the new swish shopping mall in Gaza (there cannot possibly be any other reason to go, the Red Cross has cancelled the so-called humanitarian crisis), he does take some time out to talk nonsense in public.

His latest charge: The Progress party representative Per Willy Amundsen borders very near on being racist after citing official statistics showing that Muslims have the lowest participation in the Norwegian job market.

In an interview with Vårt Land, he charges that this comparison is akin to the national socialist party’s agitation in Germany in the 1930s:

“substitute Muslim for Jew and you will get an idea of the severity of the [Progress Party] claim.”

Lets put this issue into context: On May 10, the Governmentally (yes, that refers to the current govt, where his party is coalition member commissioned report “Welfare and Migration” was made public. On page 135 of said report it says:

5.4.4 Immigrants participation in work related special programs

Immigrants make up a larger share of registered unemployed persons. This may in part be caused by political priorities, but may also be interpreted to reflect that immigrants have a more difficult time in finding work. Immigrants represented around 29% of total number registered unemployed persons in May 2010. At the same time they represented 39% of the total of people on ordinary employment programs. Unemployed immigrants have on average longer periods of joblessness compared to the corresponding proportion of unemployed in the majority population, something that increases your chance of being selected to participate in employment programs. Around 70% of the immigrants on special programs originated from countries in Africa and Asia. On a general basis, there was a marked increase in the use of special employment programs in 2009, compared to the three preceding years.

Dagbladet had an uncharacteristically critical article on how the government ignores the alarm on immigration, where they cite the above mentioned report and its main recommendations and expand on it thus

Too many immigrants, in particular those originating from developing countries and who have many children retire all too soon on an incapacity.  An average of 50% of immigrants from some countries, such as Pakistan and Turkey are on incapacity benefit 10 – 15 years after arrival to Norway. After 25 years in Norway, only 25% of female immigrants are working. The corresponding number for ethnic Norwegian women without higher education is over 80%

The rest of the article deal with how SV in particular, but with support from the Christian Democrats choose to ignore the recommendations, and may be a clue to why Mr. Chaudhry resorts to lies and Holocaust distortions in stead of tackling the growing problem of a benefit deficit.

Even the article in Vårt Land itself cites official statistics:

Amundsen [of the Progress Party] is supported by Statistics Norway , where statistics show that 31,9% of immigrants from Somalia participate in the work force. In other words, nearly 7 of 10 Somalis in Norway do not work. nationalities ranked just after Somalia on official statistics are from Iraq,  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, Kosovo and Iran.

So there we have it, Amundsen is neither a scaremonger nor a racist, he merely refers to official statistics.

Mr. Chaudhry on the other hand tries to deflect unwanted attention from one of their many spectacular failures in government to resolve anything at all, by resorting to an ugly lie. That somehow citing official statistics on a failing immigration policy can compare to the annihilation of Jews.

That is a downright disgusting position and he should be taken to task in Parliament for uttering it. Shame on him!