National Review on ‘Rich Jews’ story

Jay Nordlinger at the National Review is one of the few foreigners who pays any attention to Norway. Let us hope that he continues to do so.

This time Nordlinger has picked up on Aftenposten’s “Rich Jews threaten Obama” story. Read the National Review story. Excerpt:

This morning, I learned something from Tom Gross, that expert on the Middle Eastern media, and other media. Aftenposten is the biggest, most important paper in Norway — the New York Times of Norway. And would you like to know one of its choice headlines? “Rich Jews Threaten Obama.” The point of the article was that, in the wake of the president’s recent statements on Israel, Jewish Americans may withhold campaign donations from him.

Read the entire story on National Review. Mr.Nordlinger, keep looking and you will keep finding. This country is a gold-mine.

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