Ex-newspaper editor thinks it is hard to relate to bombing targets in public

Following story that the MoD and the defense establishment are not too keen to let the public know what our boys actually do in our name in Libya, VG now reports that army chief Harald Sunde says that the army take these allegations seriously and it does not want to be seen as withholding information from the public.

A very different message comes from the MoD State Secretary Roger Ingebrigtsen, who says that releasing all information may put pilots’ lives in danger, and adds (comically):

It is not a good work condition to have to relate in public every day to what has been bombed. At the same time we do recognize that the Public ought to know as much as possible.  It may happen that we in the coming days can give more information about the execution of the job itself as well as more frequent briefings.

This is an excellent example of Norwegian transparency, presented by a former editor in a newspaper that grabs every opportunity to accuse Israel of anything bad in the world.

I dont think it is possible to get closer to actually telling the public to bugger off and mind its own business.