Impartial Norway: Change law so that tax deductions not possible for donations for West Bank only

The ministry of finance in cooperation with the ministry of foreign affairs are tabling a proposal to ban tax deductions for donations to West Bank construction.

Our always ethically minded FM Støre, you know the one who thinks its OK to be friendly with Hamas, is quoted in Vårt Land :

The financing of settlements on theWest Bank contributes to undermine the possibility for a peaceful settlement of the conflict  between Israel and the Palestinians. Such donations are highly reprehensible and ought not to happen.

The Government has previously stated that it is not desirable that the tax deduction system is being used to fund organizations that actively support or contribute towards certain actions that may represent a breach of International Law or similar ethical principles.

Does this mean that also donations to illegal Palestinian settlement activity is also going to be banned?

And what does he mean by “similar ethical principles”? Is this some fancy language to say that we make up the rules as we go and we only apply them to Israel?

Maybe it is about time to scrutinize Norwegian donations to PA, what about money that has been siphoned off to fund luxurious mansions, trips to the Emirates, or worse, weapons?

And what would we do if the said settlements remain part of Israel after a negotiated settlement of the conflict as is intended in the Oslo Accords and upheld as a guiding principle in later accords? Wipe the egg off our face?

Disgusting, Støre, disgusting. So much for being an impartial nation. I think eventually Norway will pay a hefty price for this special treatment of Israel and/or anybody who wishes to support her. Discrimination is the word we are looking for, ugly discrimination.