US ambassador reacts to Aftenposten’s ‘Rich Jews’ story

"C'mon men", George said, "let's show those anti-semites"

When times in Norway were hard, the USA took in our emigrants. When Norway was occupied during WWII, the USA stepped in to stop the nazi aggression. All through the cold war, the USA kept the wolf from our door. Now the US ambassador to Norway writes in to Aftenposten, pointing out that perhaps one ought not use title such as “Rich Jews threaten Obama”.

Unauthorized translation from today’s Aftenposten below. Notice the bit about how both the USA and Israel had to fight “against overwhelming odds” for their freedom. The ambassador is much too well mannered to rub it in.


Barry White, US Ambassador to Norway

Unfortunate stereotypes.

Being the US Ambassador to Norway, and an activist involved in a number of American elections, I feel forced to comment upon the Aftenposten’s op-ed on “Rich Jews” (May 21st)  withdrawing their support of President Obama.

In addition to promoting unfortunate ethnic stereotypes in its heading, this op-ed depicts a false picture of the relations existing between USA and Israel since 1948.

As President Obama made clear last week: “America’s commitment to Israel’s security flows from a deeper place- and that’s the values we share. As two people who struggled to win our freedom against overwhelming odds, we understand that preserving the security for which our forefathers- and foremothers- fought must be the work of every generation. As two vibrant democracies, we recognize that the liberties and freedoms we cherish must be constantly nurtured. And as the nation that recognized the state of Israel moments after its independence we have a profound commitment to its survival s a strong, secure homeland for the Jewish people”.

Here, President Obama caught emotions dominating all over the USA, across religious and political divides. The people of the Middle East and Northern Africa are about to free themselves of the burdens of the past. USA and our European partners, including Norway, are supporting political and economic reforms in the region, able to meet with the legitimate ambitions of ordinary people. We are equally committed to a peaceful solution between Israel and the Palestinian people, directly negotiated by the parties, where Israel can exist safe and secure, side by side with a Palestinian state.

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