Swedish fiction writer Mankell talks gibberish at Hay-on-Wye festival, then must face realities of rejection

The season of festivals is upon us and in the UK that means a lot of fun and provocations. This weekend, festival goers to Hay-on-Wye literature festival got a bit of everything, starting with a scientist who presented credible studies to sound alarm bells that many Muslim communities, especially from South East Asia, allow marriages between close relatives, and their offspring pay the price with high mortality rates. Pakistani children account for 1 in 3 children born with  genetic diseases.

The scientist is one of the most respected in his field in the UK, so even if he may have caused one or two persons to have choked on their coffees, he has both expressed himself in such a manner that only the ones with an obsessive disorder can find the slightest trace of racial slur, AND can provide solid scientific proof for his warnings, so is unlikely to be met with ridicule and rejection.

It is a very different story for Mankell, the man who after all was not shot in last years flotilla fracas, where the sole purpose of the exercise was for some blood hungry weirdos to sacrifice themselves as martyrs, accompanied by  lefties with no better cause to fight for than to support the genocidal Hamas thugs who continue to call for the destruction of Israel and death to all Jews, wherever they are.

This year at Hay-on-Wye, he wanted to tell the world that white farmers are the cause of the current state of delapidation in Zimbabwe and that it really is unfair to blame it all on Mugabe:

In a provocative talk, Mankell said: “In the early 1980s, every year Mugabe went and talked to white farmers and said, ‘It’s necessary for us to sit down and talk about the farms here’. And the reaction he got from white farmers was absolutely none. He tried year after year after year, and the only thing he was met by was arrogance. In the end, it became a very bad situation.

“I think when history is written, the white farmers at the beginning of the 1980s also have to take responsibility and blame for what really happened. Otherwise, when history is written people will believe that Mugabe was always crazy. He was not.

Mr. Mankell also wanted to impress his flaky reasons for continuing to support the IHH, who the Dutch government just placed on a terror list because of its involvement with Hamas, in a new flotilla fracas which the UN boss has asked nations to discourage. But the author sounded a little desperate when admitting that so far no British politicians are joining the circus:

“There will be some politicians on board. There are no politicians from Britain yet but I can assure you we could find space for them.”

In other words, the flotilla is not going to be the spectacle the organizers hope for…

But the ridicule, jeers and rejection Mr. Mankell has been met with is certainly worthy a mention;

several responders highlight the fact that

Henning Mankell is not a truth teller, but a fiction writer. Everything that comes out of his brain is fiction, pure fiction.

while many more take him to task on the offensive character of his remarks for black and white Zimbabweans alike, since they are the ones who have to suffer the terrible consequences of Mugabes bloody reign.

Give this Mankell more rope, the way he carries on, he will soon hang himself…