Gaza-Chaudhry decides to stay home after all

Happy news from VG today: The vice president of the Parliament Akhtar Chaudrhy wont go to Gaza after all:

FM Jonas Gahr Støre has previously warned against participating in the convoy. He thinks that the red-green politicians who participate int he convoy risk being used by other groups with ulterior motifs.

State Secretary  Espen Barth Eide has been very critical of the plans to participate in the convoy

– There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza today, and there is no need for a so-called humanitarian convoy, he said to NTB at the beginning of July.

The SV parliamentarian admits on his facebook that he is yielding to pressure from the FM as well as his colleagues in the presidency of the Parliament.

– The attention around my role as parliamentary vice president has become so central that the cause itself has taken a back seat. I have therefore chosen to withdraw so that the attention to the injustice Gazans live everyday wont drown in a never ending debate on my constitutional role, Chaudhry writes.

Another MP who has rescheduled is Hadia Tajik, so that is 2 down and 4 to go.

The organizers are of course bitterly disappointed, claiming that the government is being rude for warning against participation, and that Norway is yielding to Israeli pressure.

Well, in a way this is true, Norway has got a taste of what it feels like to not be a trusted broker any longer and it also starts to dawn on policy makers that no friends have been made for all this solo-effort. Quite the contrary. Real politik lesson number 1: There is no amount of oil that is going to make up for consistently being on the wrong side of international opinion.

But this time it has at least been more easy for the government to stick to reason. The Red Cross itself has officially called off the mythical humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Perhaps the activists now could focus on the real human miseries around the world. They could just go to Syria to fight alongside Syrian protesters as they struggle for basic human rights, but if that is not enough for them, there is a hunger catastrophe brewing again in the Sudan, and there is also considerable hardship for children in Pakistan.

Sadly, these lefty idiots have only be trained to respond to fake politics, while they gladly let every chance to make a real difference to millions if not billions around the world slip between their fingers, simply because they are not the beloved Palestinians.

How do these people sleep at night?