Expect a raucous debate in Tromsø

It’s a wonderful thing: The United Nations Association in Tromsø is hosting International Week, where participants “among other things … will learn how to make a wallet out of a milk carton, learn Esperanto or origami, and go bird-watching.” Straight out of “10,000 things you can do to the save the Earth.”

Of course, the whole Israel thing will get attention, too, so there will be a debate with the following participants:

  • Line Khateeb, the head of the Palestine Committee in Norway, which is to say the far left wing of the anti-Israeli crowd.
  • Mads Gilbert, local to Tromsø, who has blamed Israel for co-inventing the horrors of war, alongside the other great evil, the United States. (The same dude who thought New Yorkers had it coming on 9/11 for being Americans)
  • Gunnar Nerdrum, who wants to arrest Israeli officials and prosecute them for protecting Israeli citizens
  • Bent Andresen (not the famous Danish Quaker, who died a while ago), who apparently is an attorney with nothing published on the matter, but who will still give an introduction on international law and Israel/Palestine. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that he will focus primarily on Israel’s culpability and not so much on Israel’s defense.
  • No word on whether Dershowitz was invited.

The composition of the panel should ensure that participants get a fair and balanced view of the conflict, or at least one that conforms with the View that Everyone Should Have.

In case anyone has concerns that the four panelists might be too much in agreement to debate anything at all, Israelwhat has compiled a list of questions to put to the panel.

The might just be disagreement on the answers to these questions:

  • Is it more accurate to characterize the Zionist enterprise as: colonial? imperialist? racist? Or should all three count equally? If so, what is their order of preference in speeches, etc.?
  • What is is about Israeli policy that has caused Hamas to be a more radical organization than Fatah?
  • Have we reached the point where it is more apt to compare Israel to Nazi Germany in 1944, or is it more like Nazi Germany in 1939?
  • Who is the closest comparison to Netanyahu? Mussolini, Pinochet, or George Bush?
  • Which is a greater violation of international law? Israel protecting its border, Israel responding to rocket attacks, or Israel wanting to have its own capital?
  • What is the right protocol for respectfully addressing the Iranian delegation to Durban III?
  • Are Israelis who vote for Likud, Kadima, Ha-Atzmaut, or Ha-Avoda mostly evil, or mostly stupid? (The answer is self-evident when it comes to Shas, Yisrael Beiteinu, etc.)