Spot the errors!

Places where it is dangerous for you to disagree with the authorities - the 17 most oppressive states in the world

Have a closer look at this map, it features the 17 most oppressive states in the world. According to Aftenposten, who nicked the story from the US based Freedom House.

According to this paper, a stunning 1,6 billion of our fellow human inhabitants on this beautiful planet called Earth, do not enjoy basic civic or human rights such as freely expressing thoughts and beliefs.

In the context of extreme Israel bashing that has put Israel on top of list of worst country in online, uncontrolled surveys and then widely published in uncritical and unthinking press as if somehow representative of anything at all, it must be really irritating for the pundits and self-professed experts that Israel is not to be seen on this list of repressive states. In fact, Israel gets a good mark, and is equal to France, Italy, Greece in civic liberties, but better than South Africa, and obviously miles ahead of Turkey.

But the Aftenposten article is strange for what it omits, they point out that Tibet, South Ossetia and Western Sahara are included on the list of unfree territories. But so is the Gaza strip and West bank too, why is this not mentioned?

Norwegian experts had a bit of luck last week when the Rafah crossing into Egypt was opened. Figures like Hilde Henriksen Waage claimed this development was good for all parties involved, the Palestinians who now would be able to get humanitarian help (in spite of there not being a humanitarian crisis in Gaza), the Egyptians who now can boast that they do something for the Palestinians, and for Israel who now will be able to an even greater degree dissociate themselves from the Gaza situation (is it only me, or do anybody else think that this statement is odd – the Gazans have demanded that Israel get out of Gaza and leave them alone to mind their own business?). This was on May 28. On June 4, the Egyptians closed that crossing, and to make it a complete comedy of errors, the Hamas boys followed suit and closed the border on June 5. None of these developments have been commented on, far less reported in mainstream Norwegian media.

Yesterday was Naksa Day, and we would probably need a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy to try to grasp the finer points of the drama as it unfolds, but all Norwegian news papers were quick to quote Syrian TV claim that first 4, then 5 , and apparently now the casualty count at the Golan borders stand at 20-odd – again according to trustworthy Syrian state TV. In reality the death count is much lower, 4 probably, and it is unclear how their untimely deaths came about. But then again, the Syrian State TV may have got their facts mixed up, accidentally confusing the ongoing blood bath in their country with the skirmishes on the border with Israel.

But the truly intriguing question is why Norwegian media blindly copy the cock and bull stories written by Assad and he fellow cronies? After no doubt having read the Aftenposten story referred to at the top here?

An IDF probe shows that when Israeli commanders called for cease fire, protesters continued to advance on the border, making it impossible for Red Cross to access to provide medical aid.

Dagbladet today features a NYT interview with a protester who boasts of their “success” in provoking Israel to shoot unarmed men. But according to Syrian opposition, the protesters were paid $ 1000 for going, $ 10000 for every dead

Meanwhile, macho diaper-head Nasrallah can only watch events as they unfold from his bunker in Beirut, as the Lebanese Government closed the border and declared it a sealed military territory, while Hamas, probably also trying to deflect attention from their bizarre decision to close down the Rafah border chimed in that more deaths are necessary. Will their blood thirst never end?

And when will Norwegian journalists start to show a little restraint in their copy and paste approach to their own profession?