Here is one from Scotland – lets give this public servant a run for his money

Slightly off topic, but too important to not face down. You may not have heard about mini, itsy-bitsy, non-productive, rock bottom stupid West Dunbartonshire on the outskirts of Glasgow, but they seem to have employed a person who is in acute need of understanding the basics of public servant behavioral skills:

James Bollan at West Dunbartonshire, mobile 0044 7836 68766, home 0044 1389 75 63 97

Apparently he has not got a real job to do, which is rather alarming at a time when 1000’s are given their pink slip, or in blunt language, made redundant. I am sure there are plenty of jobless who would enjoy a chance of doing a proper job, so lets give this guy a run for his money; it would appear that Jimmy boy here has nothing better to use his time for at the local council of West Dunbartonshire but to ban English translations of Hebrew literature in this town.

Well, lets all help little Jim here to have a reason to keep his jimjams on tomorrow: he has  been made redundant for wasting public money.

You can read all about this travesty here. And this should also serve as a warning for Norwegian BDS enthusiasts – don’t even think about wasting public funds for your racist rants, next time it is your home number featuring here.

Get a life, or get a pet!