Willoch is a Palestinian

Willoch might want to take a look in his Norwegian passport, where it will explain that acquisition of another country’s passport requires that he submit his Norwegian passport to the nearest diplomatic post. I hope he does, so he can become resident of Palestine and avail himself of all the civil liberties there.

Willoch has several times warned that unless Israel quickly “negotiates” a “peace settlement” with the Palestinians, the neighboring Arab regimes are likely to get very pissed, and that might mean the end of the Jewish state. So let me point out the obvious:

  • What in the world gives him the impression that through all these wars, the Arab regimes have held back? Were they just turning the other cheek when Israeli artillery was within striking distance of Cairo and Damascus? Does he really think that Israel exists today because of Arab¬†forbearance?
  • What country in the world would look at a security threat and leave itself more vulnerable to it? ¬†In case Willoch hasn’t noticed, the Arab regimes aren’t exactly stable.
  • The only way I can interpret Willoch’s argument is that he thinks the military destruction of Israel would be the country’s just desserts. If these angry hoardes of Arab armies flood across Israel, destroying everything and everyone in its path, he would regretfully shake his head and say: “I told these people this would happen.” And feel vindicated as he rushed to celebrate it all.

Willoch said he’s hoping to meet some Israelis on his travels, too, and that he’s keeping an open mind. To what, I don’t know. Perhaps he’s hopeful the Israelis will come to their wits, make him king, and throw themselves at his mercy. Because really, these Israelis don’t know what’s best for them.