PLFP butcher 20 Palestinians at Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus; PLO official “Once again, the Palestinian struggle has fallen victim to the agenda of an Arab regime.”

On the heels of embarrassing episode of uncritical parroting Syrian state media, the Norwegian press corps have either not bothered to check what else goes on in Syria, or are very reluctant to show the other side of realities on the ground.

LA times brings a harrowing account of the blood bath that ensued after mourners blamed the Syrian backed PLFP, alleging that the faction had persuaded the mourners’ relatives to participate in Sunday’s deadly demonstrations near the Syrian-Israeli border. As angry protesters torched cars in front of the PLFP offices in Damascus, gunmen belonging to the faction opened fire on the protesters, killing between 14 – 20.

The official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority

“condemned the work of armed groups belonging to the PFLP-GC, who used live ammunition to shoot at young protesters in Yarmouk camp as they were participating in a funeral procession for Palestinians who had fallen during protests in the Golan Heights on Sunday.”

This tragedy happened as our own Støre was busy condemning Israel for murdering unarmed demonstrators on the Syrian-Israeli border last weekend. Subsequent investigation has revealed that it is unclear how many people died, and how they died. Investigations so far point out that demonstrators entered mine fields, and/or triggered mines to go off when they torched the area. Also, protestors refusal to heed cease fire, made it impossible for Red Cross to access injured to provide life saving first aid.

In the same week, Palestinian journalists reporting from West Bank, Gaza, complain that the PA bans journalists from reporting on human rights abuses in PA controlled areas, as well as Hamas controlled Gaza. This reflects the damning report issued by HRW in April this year, where they highlighted how the PA systematically abuses Palestinian journalists.

Meanwhile, on the home front, leading opposition MPs have criticized Minister of Knowledge, Kristin Halvorsen, for the governments failure to tackle growing antisemitism in Norwegian educational institutions. They charge that as a person who in other matters is very clear on her own views and government policy, Halvorsen’s lack of engagement in this serious problem is disappointing.

The new leader of the Jewish community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, welcomes the report issued by the Municipality of Oslo, focusing on racism and antisemitism in the schools in Oslo. He is very pleased that we now have a statistical tool to highlight the importance of antisemitism in the educational system, but warns against making it an exclusive school related problem:

This is a community problem. There are many people with very bad attitudes. The municipality of Oslo has shown great capability to act in this matter, now we need to lift this work to a national level..

I am sure that by now, Halvorsen and her brainectomized followers must have a bitter flavor in their mouths, a poll released today shows that if election had been held now, the Socialistic Left party would have gotten no parliamentary representatives and be relegated to the insignificance they in reality are. Even worse, it seems big brother Labor has realized the dying potential in the current red-green coalition, and, in an apparent bid to woo the Christian Democrats for a possible future coalition, named former Christian Democrat leader Valgerd Svarstad Haugland as county Governor of Oslo and Akershus, in the process infuriating main opposition party Høyre for snubbing their candidate, former minister of Economy Per Kristian Foss.

But it must be really weird to be Støre today, in a week where he got only muted response to his Israel bashing, Turkish premier Erdogan, who now is facing growing opposition to his own Israel bashing, attacked his (former?) Syrian friend Assad, charging that the Syrian troops are barbaric and not humane.

How is it possible that both the Norwegian government and the Norwegian press continue to be silent in the face of the butcheries that go on in Syria? Have they been told by their Syrian buddies to look away or face another wrecking of the Embassy in Damascus?