Another under-employed MP who is wasting public money on Gaza holiday

Aksel Hagen is a Member of Parliament representing our dear friends SV, that midget party that sold its soul to get into position of power, making Nick Clegg look steadfast and a man of principle in comparison.

Our friend Aksel got into an elected position thanks to the particular system of  equalization seat mandate, meaning that he was not elected on his own merit, but simply had the good luck to pick up the bag of votes to be distributed among the luckless who did not get voted in, some Norwegian funny habit to ensure that everybody gets represented (even if the voters dont want them…).

Anyway, so this unelected, but selected politico does not feel that he should dedicate more time to what he is supposed to be doing – working on church, education and science.

Although, to be fair, the ordinary session for the Storting is over, but does that mean that our elected/selected representatives ought to take time off, misrepresenting Norway?

He could for instance get cracking on that task of ensuring that growing antisemitism is tackled properly in schools and educational institutions? Or, if this sounds a wee bit boring, how about researching how to improve teacher qualifications? Or how to improve learning for school pupils with learning disabilities or special needs?

But despite the fact that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that state secretary Espen Barth Eide has specifically asked MPs not to go to Gaza and even FM Støre thinks it is a bad idea, this selected MP insists he will be going and that he sees this event as an

opportunity to focus on Palestine and  end the blockade of Gaza. I hope this can contribute to a positive development in the area

Does he think that by going shopping in Gaza he will ease the plight of the Syrians? Or that he will contribute to the human rights of Palestinian journalists who are banned from reporting on human rights abuses? Or ease the pain of the Palestinian families who had their loved ones brutally shot down and killed by the PFLP in Syria? Or what about the verbal abuse suffered by the Palestinian representatives who went to see the mufti of Lebanon, sheik Qabbani, who very unelegantly abused his guests and called them trash.

Sincerely, it is unfathomable what our non-elected MP thinks he can achieve, unless he is going to address the war crimes committed by Hamas for shooting rockets over civilians in Israel, or the deplorable conditions GILAD SHALIT is kept in – nobody has been allowed to visit him since his illegal abduction from Israel in 2006.

You sad fraud of an MP, I hope you get as sea sick as I get when I think about how you abuse the trust you wrongly have been given to represent the people of Norway. Shame on you!