Condemn this, Støre! African refugees murdered in Egypt

Finally a Norwegian newspaper that picks up the unspeakable evil perpetrated against African refugees as they try to cross from Egypt to Israel.

Vårt Land appears to have noticed the horrors that go on against these vulnerable people:

Migrants murdered on border to Israel

Egyptian police shot and murdered 4 Africans who tried to cross the border to Israel, according to security sources.

The 4 were part of a larger group of Africans that tried to cross the border to Israel, hoping to find work. The Egyptian security forces first fired warning shots as they spotted the group on Saturday night.

According to the source, the bodies have not been identified yet.

Another 20 Africans, among them 15 Sudanese, were arrested [by Egyptian security forces] as they tried to illegally cross into Israel.

A great number of refugees regularly try to enter Israel, using Egypt as a transit country,  in order to seek asylum and find work.

8 African work migrants have been murdered on the border between Egypt and Israel [by Egyptian security forces] so far this year. Last year, more than 30 Africans suffered the same fate.

So dear FM Støre, you can start making yourself palatable to the Norwegian electorate by actually taking a principled stand here; condemn this!

Perhaps you wont ingratiate yourself with the Israel obsessed inbred elite in the Labour party with such an unprecedented act, but you may end up earning one or two votes from the average Norwegian voter – on your own merit!