…. and now the tiny group of Norwegian Gaza flotilla participants calls it a day and bites the dust!

No sooner did NIJ write about how loud moaning about sabotage, bureaucracy, failure to get the final certificates to set sail for Gaza in reality may be a poorly disguised attempt to not look utterly incapable and stupid when the organizers of the flotilla must call it off, then VG brings us the story on how the Norwegian participants now consider calling it a day.

After a meeting in the Norwegian delegation, MP Aksel Hagen (SV) confirms that  the Norwegians now are considering to call off the flotilla.

– Everybody understands that we cannot sit around here for many days to wait for some clarification. It is better that we retreat for now, and make a new attempt at a later stage, says Hagen.

– The cause is also not served with us being stuck here for days on end, he says.

Although no doubt a useful excuse for failed flotilla sailors, their claim that Greece has relinquished its autonomy to decide if ships may sail or not, sounds surprisingly naive given the particular turmoil Greece finds itself in these days.

Are the Gaza activists to removed from reality that they fail to grasp the severity of the financial and economic crisis Greece and therefore by extension the rest of the EU find themselves in?

Do they really think that in the midst of an unprecedented wave of strikes, civic unrest, the port authorities of Athens care very much if paperwork is not attended to as fast as these selfish morons would like?

To make matters much worse for the flotilla organizers even our FM Støre says Israel’s blockade of Gaza is legitimate, while seasoned Palestine activist and theologian Arne Ørum says that this particular Gaza support only serves to nourish and support Jew hatred

The problem for me as a friend of Palestine is that I cannot keep quiet about unacceptable turns of phrase, ideologies and goals. Martyrdom and Jew hatred is not included in my Palestinian baggage. Therefore I must be very clear when I see it.  It seems that for some persons, Gaza has become so important, that it does not matter to them what other flotilla participants say and do.

Astonishingly, rather than taking advice from senior figures, Norwegian would be flotilla participants sulk and say that the flotilla indeed is a dangerous project and that participants can get killed, but that if a Turk says so, it just sounds so more dramatic (Ship to Gaza leader Goffeng), while Labour MP Håheim reacts with fury to the official advice from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I think it is sad that one of the most radical governments in Europe, who always has defended international law and human rights, acts the way it does. I don’t understand why the MFA could cast doubt on the illegality of this blockade,  Håheim says in an interview with Klassekampen.

A wise persons once said cogito ergo sum.

For the flotilla activists it seems more fitting to say: Have belly button, therefore I exist!

To the Norwegians, have a safe trip home, on the bright side you must have gotten a nice tan by now, but if you are really sincere about helping, you could get a dinghy to Syria to protest the slaughter of innocent civilians there!