Final nail in foolish flotilla coffin – Gaza business leaders don’t want it!

Here is an interesting article from Ynet, where Gazan businessmen say that

that the flotilla organizers were missing their target since the main problem wasn’t getting goods into Gaza – but exporting them outside of the strip.

“I think they might be bringing medication, but I’m not sure what they are bringing if anything. The only important thing from our perspective is not importing equipment but exporting goods,” said Ayash adding that there is no shortage of stock – but they can’t get it out.

Elsewhere the article highlights that Israel has been working with the EU as well as Palestinian representatives to improve exports to lucrative EU markets as well as other ME markets, but that exports fail for a variety of reasons, among them end of season, a fact any exporter has to deal with, as well as failure to adhere with EU standards.

So, while Israel does all it can to protect itself from deadly attacks from a hostile territory bent on Israel’s destruction, at the same time, she also works hard and tirelessly to facilitate economic and civic development for said territory.

That is a much better attitude to your enemy than what, say the Arab League has shown. Their now defunct but still active boycott of Israeli products and services, was and still is their main raison d’être, making them look distinctly out of touch with reality now that their pan Arab choke hold on Arab countries’ development in any form or shape is causing themselves a significant degree of asphyxia.

I start to suspect that flotilla organizers’ whining that Israel has sabotaged their ships, in reality is their own admission that they are up a creek without a paddle, and so to save face for the utterly embarrassing failure to produce a flotilla with a bite, have damaged their own ships in order to not look ridiculous when they have to call off the whole fiasco.

But on the bright side, now that they are there, they can enjoy the sun and participate in violent clashes in Athens, I am sure the mob there will be happy for the extra input!