CPP:’Labor Youth is playing at war’

CPP: 'Labor Youth is playing at war'

Labor Youth not only subscribes to a Manichean perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict – they are baying for the conflict to increase. Christian People’s Party does not approve.

Vårt Land offers the article “Labor Youth is playing at war” by journalist Johannes Morken. Excerpt:

Labor Youth leader Eskil Pedersen demands that Norway positions itself “even more clearly on the side of the Palestinians”. This makes CPP-youth leader Elisabeth Løland to mobilize against Labor Youth.

- The conflict has been going on for decades and has destroyed the lives of many humans, both Israelis and Palestinians. This is not a football match where one selects a side to support, and then to cheer every time they score a goal, says Løland.

Run sister, run, you’re doing good. As for Eskil Pedersen of Labor Youth, you know full well how your brethren are faring under the loving rule of Hamas and PA alike, and yet, in order to be sufficiently radical and tough, you choose to look the other way. That’s the kind of creature you are, you and Anette Trettebergstuen alike.

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