Its official, the Norwegian activists give up and come home

We already wrote about the Gaza flotilla flop last week, and how the “activists” reluctantly admitted that they could not carry on sitting on the quays of Greece to wait for further clarification.

Well, now it is official, the Norwegians are coming home, but not without making further idiots of themselves.

The Socialistic Left parliamentary representative Hagen (again, just how representative he is of popular will is very much a matter of definition, he holds an equalization seat, which means that he was not elected per se, but only got assigned a pot of votes for other parties that did not qualify for a full representative), claims – with totally unjustified swagger – that even if they could not manage to set sail to Gaza, they fact that they finally managed to get the necessary boxes ticked and sorted out all technical faults with their ship, in reality constitutes a small victory:

There will be no flotilla, but we will make a final stunt by going out with a passenger ship. Not to Gaza, but to another port in Greece. The Greek authorities are very reluctant to accept cargo ships, but this is an EU registered passenger ship and after many checks it seems we will be able to leave Pireus, Hagen says to NTB
– Maybe  a small victory

The Greek coastal guard has signed the paperwork that confirms that technical faults now that led to the boat being stopped, now have been repaired. The boat set sail around 15.30-with 11 persons, including crew on board

Hagen is the only Norwegian on board. He says the coastal guard has tallied up the  ships manifest and holds and is satisfied that there is no commercial cargo on board.

– We are hopeful to claim a small victory against the port authorities now as the flotilla draws to a close, says the parliamentary representative.

Wow, talk about low expectations!

But the final official statement of being beyond repair comes at the end of the interview:

Not a flop

Ship to Gaza was again denied purchase of cement from a provider in Greece on grounds of protecting national interests .

The Norwegian, Swedish and Greek delegation are going to sum up the flotilla, but Hagen does not want to call it a flop, even if they never got even close to their stated goal.

– We have managed to raise much debate around this issue. Israel has opened its border just slightly, so that construction material and other essentials are getting into the Strip. FM Støre has also spoken more clearly against the blockade than before we left, and lawyers as well as humanitarian organizations say the blockade is in contravention of international Law.

How deluded can you get? First, Støre has begrudgingly had to accept that the blockade is legal, what is more, so does the UN, which is the direct cause why Turkey and Israel in this very moment are trying to find a satisfactory solution to their diplomatic spat.

Secondly, the “debate” our brainectomized MP claims to have achieved is in reality the People’s disbelief and deep embarrassment that our (s)elected representatives insist on behaving like – well -brainectomized fools.

It is not a ‘debate’ that goes on, but that toe-curling embarrassment when somebody insists on lowering their pants and have a good old bowel movement right in the middle of a busy high street.

You really don’t want to see it, but on the other hand, how can you not observe the bizarre behavior that goes on just in front of your eyes?