Eva Stabell at NRK is a filthy liar!

Police expels protesters in Hardanger, 9 man against 1 peaceful woman, July 7 2011

NRK cannot help itself, even when there is very little newsworthy about Israel, they continue to obsess about her, presumably doing their best to provide a “balanced” picture of the ME conflict.

So much that in a piece about 120 Gaza floptilla participants who entered Israel on the explicit pretext of disturbing the peace, and now face deportation, she resorts to distorting history, or actually just lies outright.

In the final paragraph of her “balanced” article, she says:

No Palestinians are allowed to fly from or land at Ben Gurion Airport, which 60 years ago was the International Airport of Palestine.

A blatant lie and an ugly attempt to create an impression that somehow Israel has robbed the Palestinians of a state.

Even a stupid school child with very limited reading capability can easily check that 60 years ago, Ben Gurion, or in fact Lod airport, was then, as it is now, the International Airport of Israel.

Palestine as such has never been a nation, there was never a state called Palestine, but was a name the British colonizers used for the whole area that today makes up part of Syria, most of Jordan and also, Israel.

You are an ugly fraud, Stabell, and a disgrace to journalism, just as bad as now defunct News of the World, but at least they have the guts to say we did bad, now we close shop.

The NRK article shows a woman being carried out, she appears to be screaming, but the picture has been cropped so we cannot make out what goes on here in reality.

So just to show a picture of similar police action against protesters who disturb the peace, I thought it just as fitting to illustrate this entry with a photo from a protest where 9 policemen forced a 20 year woman dressed in her national costume to step down from the barricades in Hardanger.

Seriously – 9 fully grown men against one young and slender woman? A bit of an over-reaction? An example of disproportionate use of force?