Whose discussion is it?

The discussion is tumbling back and forth, Norwegian media quote people put of context, said persons react and hit back. Glick, Rubin, Gerstenfeld and Dershowitz have all had crash encounters with the less than reliable Norwegian press, but only Dershowitz has experienced directly on his own person, that extreme brand of arrogance that only the Norwegian cultural elite can offer. 3 of our presumably open and free universities opted for boycotting him on a recent visit to Norway

Rubin,Glick and Gerstenfeld have been quoted out of context, attributed statements or opinions they never have written or expressed in another manner. Far worse, the Norwegian media or the select members of our “elite” have on several occasions, written about these persons without ever as much as calling them, writing to them, or even taking the bother to ask for an interview to clarify what actually has been said.

Official Norway, as well as said media and “elites” have not shied away from blaming Israel for terror attacks against her own citizens, have participated in campaigns to delegitimize Israel, or even wished death and destruction on this country. In the wake of horrific terror attacks or genocidal threats, and indeed thousands of rockets aimed at innocent civilians, these representatives of official Norway have used such hardship as a whip to flog Israel with, or using the context of a long and bloody conflict as a stepping stone to elevate themselves to fame.

Only those of us who have been present at dinners or parties frequented by these marvelous examples of an inbred elite, know of the foul jokes, the lightness with which Jewish victims of terror are waved away… the kind of expressions that pass for polite dinner conversation is jaw dropping, leaving that silly French diplomat’s indiscreet comment “that shitty little country” sound distinctly innocent.

But while the stuffy Norwegian elite for once gets their fair share of stick for their hundreds of transgressions, there is another party that consistently signals that it does not want to be the hot slice of pastrami in this sandwich – the tiny Jewish community itself.

In June they organized an unprecedented visit  by a delegation of US Jews– for which they have not been sufficiently thanked by the wider community inNorway – to show that Jews are not regularly beaten up on the streets (but the cantor was precisely that, beaten up on the street?).

Mona Levin put it very clearly in the NRK debate we provided a partial transcript of earlier today:

What do the poor 1400 Jews have to do in his debate. Why are we to become innocent hostages, which we have to speak up against? It is a problem.

I believe it must be very uncomfortable for the tiny Jewish community to dragged into the middle of what is a ferocious fight between North-American and Israeli Jews on the one side,  who feel that the NORWEGIAN ELITE (not the Norwegian People) on the other side, really have gone many steps too far in how they portray them as persons and how they cast Israel as an evil force.

We certainly have to tread carefully so as to not complicate matters for the tiny Jewish community that is clearly signaling that it does not want to play a part here, but while this is uncomfortable, we should perhaps not shy away from showing all sides of the debate?