Morgenbladets ugly morning face

On August 5, readers of this exotic mini-magazine were delighted with this editorial, a highbrow piece of cultural understanding.


The long term way of honoring the victims is to expose the kind of thoughts that poisoned the mind of the perpetrator and put an end to it. The crime must be seen in light of the 20th century, the German editor Nils Minkmar writes in an article we have translated for this weeks edition” We have known Behring Breivik for a long time. We only forgot about him”.

Too few have reacted against anonymous, rightist extremist hate-speech in mainstream Norwegian online papers. Many have probably been shocked, but have opted for a de facto silence in the face of the poisonous words, and allowed  them to spread. The perpetrator has lived in an online world, where he thought he acted on behalf of many.

We must confront what has happened with “more humanity, but never naivety” the Prime Minister said. It is naive to believe that words do not lead to acts. The word is the most powerful there is. “we now know that there is a real danger that our rhetorics can make a mad man go crazy”, Ole Jørgen Anfindsen says on his own and also the blogger Fjordman, behalf. He is quite right. The last 10 years, many have feared Islamic terror more than anything else, and forgets that almost all acts of terror perpetrated in Norway, has been carried out by white rightist extremists. hvite

When Moses lead the Israelis back to the Promised land, the desert god repeatedly ordered the Israelis to commit ethnic cleansing against the 7 different Peoples who lived in the country. Do not let even one survive. “When the Lord, you God make them surrender to you, so that you win over them, you shall smite them [herem]. You must not enter a pact with them, and you must not show them favor.” (5. Mos 7,2.) Again and again a complete extermination of the enemy is encouraged. In other words, a genocide. or holy war. “Slay man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass!” (1. Sam. 15,3.)

The idea about the pure land has deep roots in the Jewish-Christian-Muslim cultural circle. Luckily there are other roots in these sources that preach love and equality. But the about the mono-cultural good life must be confronted every day, if we are to live together in peace in this world.

Is it only me, or does this reek of a stunning lack of understanding biblical scripture? If the anonymous writer of this editorial could have been bothered with googling a little more, he or she would immediately have found the corresponding commentaries that make up the Oral tradition of Judaism. Go on, google it! Alternatively, get a crash course on how to read the Hebrew Scriptures before you proceed to publish utter garbage!

How on earth dare you relate the Exodus of the Jews to the mad murders of ABB? Your lack of knowledge and your lack of sensitivity are in equal measure disgusting and frightening!