Israel suffers huge terror attack, delusional Norwegian lefty claims Israel engages in state terrorism.

Here is an example of a truly disturbed mind! He seems to have forgotten context, terrorists in Gaza attack Israel with guns and rockets, killing 8, injuring scores more.

I cannot see that this deeply immoral person has made any effort to talk on behalf of the Syrians, nor the Kurds, not even the hundred thousands of Palestinians who are denied basic rights by Hamas, PA.

Shame on you, Mr. Nilsen, you are a great embarrassment for any straight thinking Norwegian!


Dagsavisen  23/08/2011 Kjetil Nilsen

With 10 rounds Israeli soldiers liquidated a mentally retarded boy in Gaza in last week.

Sa’d Abdul Rahim Mahmoud al-Majdawal only grew to be 17. On Tuesday August the 16th– at 1800 hours – he was 400 meters away from the border fence to Israel, close to the al Nussairat refugee camp, where he lived with his parents.

The Israeli army decided there and then that 400 meters was too close to the border fence. Snipers directed their scope sights at the head of Sa’d. Then they fired.

To kill- a non conspicuous boy in civilian garb- 400 meters inside the Gaza strips.

After one and a half hours health workers received assurances by the Israeli army over it being safe to retrieve Sa’d, without danger to them being shot and killed. It was established the snipers hit with 10 rounds- most of them in his head.

The parents of Sa’d have informed the human rights organization Palestinian Centre of Human Rights their son was mentally retarded.

The liquidation by Israeli authorities of Sa’d is representing a breach of the 4th Geneva convention,[1] article 147, concerning premeditated murder.

Yet another war crime…. This event depicts the total lack of respect over the lives of civilian Palestinians, and the lack of rights of Palestinians under occupation.

According to the 146th article of the Geneva convention the parties are duty bound to persecute breaches of the gross violations listed in article 147.

However, knowing the world as it is, the Israeli government will walk away from punishment- also this time.

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Above, Mr. Kjetil Nilsen

[1] Underlined by the author.