NRK writes on Gaza – forgot to mention context

Now that the dust has settled and more information is known regarding the  terror attacks in Israel last week, Norwegian mainstream media is scarcely mentioning Israel.

NRK ran this story this morning, which in fairness in fact is a story by NTB. Nevertheless, it is not exactly accurate and fails to mention other related news that have emerged over the last few days, such as mentioning the fact that three of the terrorists that entered Israel, were Egyptians, or even that an Egyptian woman in the Egyptian town of Rafah was injured following a terrorist rocket attack from Gaza. NRK has also not bothered to mention that Egyptian military observed the terrorists prior to entering Israel, but chose not to do anything about it, while both Egyptian and Israeli investigation shows that the IDF did go to great lengths to not injure Egyptian soldiers, facts Dagbladet has correctly recorded.

I would have thought that NRK with all their resources also could have uncovered this, and more importantly, reported it.


NRK Verden 2011 08 24


Israeli aircraft attacked armed Palestinians in several locations in the Gaza strip on Wednesday. One armed Palestinian was killed in the attacks.

According to the Israeli military one of the attacks was directed at Palestinians in the city of Rafah, suspected of gunrunning and armed insurrection (sic).

Rafah lies next to the  Gaza strip’s border to Egypt.

A local leader of the armed group Islamic Jihad was killed in the attack, according to Palestinian health authorities. Two persons were injured.

Two persons were also injured in another Israeli air raid. According to the Israeli military, they were attempting to fire rockets at Israel.