Election time looming, presenting lies from SVs own argument database

On June 30 2011, this article was uploaded on the home page of the Socialistic Left party:

first paragraph:

For more than 40 years, Israel has occupied Palestine and has denied the Palestinians the possibility to live a decent life.In an apartheid system the world bare has seen the likes of, the Palestinian people is being harassed and humiliated. The wall on the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza  destroys the Palestinian economy, blocks delivery of food and medicines and creates poverty and despair.

First lie: Israel never occupied Palestine. There never was such an entity. Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The relevant UN resolutions call for a settlement of the  conflict through negotiation. The original text states Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict. It does not say the territories, nor does it say all territories. It also  does not mention Palestine.

The name Palestine was coined by Roman emperor Hadrian, as he woved to blot out the name Judea, called it Provincia Syria Palaestina , referring to greek populations that had come during the Hellenistic period. It is only a matter of reading school text books on history to verify this fact.

Second lie: Apartheid. This would imply that Palestinians are citizens of Israel. But they are not. As per Oslo 2 agreement, the PA was established and the agreed-upon powers transferred to it. Numbers 3 and 4 of second article of said agreement says:

3. As regards the transfer and assumption of authority in civil spheres, powers and responsibilities shall be transferred and assumed as set out in the Protocol Concerning Civil Affairs attached as Annex III to this Agreement (hereinafter “Annex III”)

4. After the inauguration of the Council, the Civil Administration in the West Bank will be dissolved, and the Israeli military government shall be withdrawn. The withdrawal of the military government shall not prevent it from exercising the powers and responsibilities not transferred to the Council

Furthermore, the Israeli security forces collaborate extensively with the Palestinian security forces and assists in training them and organize joint exercises, and is one of the relative great success stories of this tortuous road to settlement between the conflicting parties.

Is it a good situation? Is it always fair? No and no, but it does also not constitute apartheid, a term South Africans increasingly finds insulting to them, as this allegation bears no resemblance to what they were victims of.

Lie 3: Meanwhile, in spite alleged obstacles presented by Israel, there is a year on year growth in Palestinian economy. There are many issues and shortcomings of current agreements in place that need to be renegotiated for this trend to be sustainable, but alas, until the PA finds time to sit down to address also these issues, there is little Israel can do alone.

Recent election at the Chamber of Commerce in Nablus saw majority of votes go to candidates who – while being staunchly pro-Palestinian, seek better economic collaboration with Israeli traders and seek better access to Israeli ports for their produce. Israeli traders on their side, work with Israeli authorities and other parties to facilitate this.

Also Gazans are seeing a sustained economic growth. There is still a long way to go before all is well, but the UN, the International Red Cross, and even our own Government have concluded that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Transfer of humanitarian aid from Israel (but not from Egypt) has since long become more streamlined,anyone who wants to find out the number of containers that are transferred on a daily basis to Gaza can have a look here.

Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza are subjecting the civilian population in Southern Israel to terror and crimes against humanity. The UN is afraid that the whole region is going to go up in smoke and exerts maximal pressure on Israel to make her desist from protecting herself. Hundreds of thousands Israelis have their lives put in danger on a regular basis, and the world demands that Israel should be showing ‘restraint’.

In comparison, in 1994, an Icelandic fishing boat was caught poaching (page 37, top ) within the unilaterally  [Norway] declared  fishery protection zone around the Svalbard Archipelago. The coast guard vessel Senja chose to resolve the matter by firing its cannons at the fishing vessel (although to be fair, the Icelanders did open fire, using a rifle).

The rest of the official SV policy on Israel is just as dubious. Out of curiosity I tried the link to other Middle East policy issues, and was not very surprised to see that there are none.

I am delighted to note that as municipal election day draws closer, the polls predict a very bad result for SV. I look very much forward to using my voting privilege to let them know what I think of them.