A gentlemanly tone

Israelwhat needs to be like the chap above (no.three from the left).

Anonymity has its benefits, but these benefits do not come cheap.

So Aftenposten may publish typos,  but an anonymous blog cannot afford to do the same. Mainstream newspapers may publish erroneous facts, while an anonymous blog must not. Mainstream newspapers can accept hateful comments. An anonymous blog cannot.

We need to be better, fairer, more truthful and more gentlemanly than the mainstream newspapers. We have the right to remain anonymous, but we must do so in style. We need to supply quality articles, quality translations and quality comments. Let’s keep each other in check. Readers, when we stray, let us know. And if you write a comment, please be civil. Yes, most of you are. I’m just saying.

In Norway post-22/7, all we need is to slip but once and that’s it – we’ll be done for.

We need to be an upmarket blog. That is, I need to be an upmarket blogger. The rest of you are doing fine. Except every now and then some of the comments are a bit over the top. No more of that, please.

Christian T

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