“Peace negotiation” Palestinian style

Former leader of the Jewish Congregation in Oslo wrote an oped yesterday in VĂ¥rt Land, where she challenged Jews to be more critical of Israel, or to be more specific, certain aspects of Israeli politics.

That is an important debate and hopefully it will turn out to be a fruitful one.

But curiously absent from Sender’s article was any mention of terrorism against Israelis, wherever they may be (although, since she has clearly and repeatedly condemned this elsewhere, she may have chosen to focus only on Norwegian Jews’ debate on Israel).

Many Israelis find TV interviews of prominent Palestinian politicians who speak sweetly in English, but threaten to kill the Jews in Arabic, tremendously upsetting, and remain very suspicious of any peace overture from Palestinians.

Chamberlain was very proud to have saved the peace when he signed that deal with Hitler. The day after, that paper was just as solid as dust in a storm. It appears Israelis are more prone to judge actions than flimsy signatures on a sheet of paper, and wont lie meekly down for the butcher.