Norwegian Church Aid at it again: More violence to be used against Palestinians

They are a special lot, these Norwegian Christians… what will be their next news feed? That the Israelis (which we all know are the Jews) use children’s blood in their matze?

This seems too familiar and too low, even for the Norwegian Church Aid. And the Church of Norway wonders why Norwegians don’t really trust them?


Verdens Gang 2011 09 20

Sigrid Helen Svendsen


Atle Sommerfeldt fears violent settlers will take revenge on Palestinians if Palestinians are given statehood through the UN.


“I fear violence will escalate, the Israeli government introducing punitive measures against the Palestinian state. This may lead to people entering a difficult humanitarian situation”.

(On the Israeli government)

“I believe they reckons with the settlers movement attempting to provoke more violence, legitimizing Israeli military intervention. Equally, one is prepared on Israelis reintroducing check points, destroying communications in the West Bank and withholding taxes”.

(On being in a traffic jam).

“This is an example of procrastination and harassment. They make it difficult to move around; and it is nothing but pointing out who is in power her”.

Dag Henrik Tuastad, a PRIO researcher is in agreement over these claims. He regards Palestinian UN membership as “likely”, and regards settlements as “illegal”.

It is claimed the settlers commonly take revenge upon innocent Palestinians.

It is however mentioned that the IDF has removed illegal settlements.