Aftenposten: Behring Breiviks mother gets her apartment back after forensics; talkbacks anti-Semitic

Last night Aftenposten online had a story on how the mother of terrorist Behring Breivik gets her apartment back after forensic investigations have concluded.

The article per se does not mention anything about Jews or Israel, it simply refers to how now, after 2 months, she can finally move back in.

Feedbacks however, makes you hair stand on end and also makes you wonder if they have a moderator at all, or if the mindful language we have been exhorted to observe post 22/7 no longer is required, or if it still is open season in Israelis…

Talkback number 1 is just fine and relates perfectly to the article in point, talkbacks 2 and 3 however, rip your head off with bewilderment how some people relate events:

A person called Stein Voll, responds to comment number one, (which essentially asks how it is possible to impound a persons property for two months, given that ABBs mother is not a suspect in the 22/7 tragedy):

“you can take that question to the Israeli embassy. You can probably imagine what would have happened to the mother if it were 10 Jewish kids that were murdered.”

This un-elegant statement is followed up in the next talkback, by Kathrine Langholm Solheim:

“Yes god chose the people of Israel to spread Gods word … but what do we do today… the Palestinians had their land stolen… The Bible says you should not kill… what do Israelites do… what do Palestinians do… they murder in the name of God…

Where was the moderator, that allowed not only a pretty ugly slur against Jews, but equally offends Palestinians?

It must be so good to sit in our comfortable Norwegian homes and know with perfect satisfaction that we are faultless, and free to pass judgement on others.