Union rejects motion to boycott Israel

A few days ago, we reported on Fellesforbundet’s (The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) motion to vote for a boycott of its sister-union, the Histadrut.

VĂ¥rt Land now reports that the motion was rejected by a clear majority of union members, which is sort of good news.

Nevertheless, the union voted for several anti-Israel measures, faulting Israel alone for the break down of talks in peace negotiations, and calling for boycott of Israeli products made in disputed areas.

The daily manager of MIFF (With Israel for Peace) Conrad Myrland, questioned the union’s obsession with Israel, calling it incomprehensible that a Norwegian Union engage so intensely with a foreign conflict, while demonstrably ignoring conflicts in other countries, with much greater impact. He calls it a pathological obsession of this conflict and says that many view Israel as the greatest political dilemma in our time.

Well put, Mr. Myrland! Now we just need to continue to shine a bright light at all the spots where Israel bashing is perceived as politically correct. It should have a high cost to be able to make a political or professional name for oneself by smearing Israel and the Jews.